Lifestyle, the Outdoors, & Lower Cost-of-Living: The best value in Idaho is Boise. Discover why…

Big Growth & Still Affordable

Many people are searching for a better place to call home and many folks are finding the best value in Idaho is Boise, because we’re the fastest growing area in the nation. Our growth has come with a lot of positive benefits, an improved and more diverse economy, growing educational institutions, renewed investment into infrastructure, and a significant investment into new housing developments.

Still Affordable?
Yes! Boise is still affordable! It’s a wonderful area for first-time home buyers, families, people looking for their dream home, or retire. Explore the Treasure Valley and you’ll be pleased with what you see.

Family Time in Boise

Upgrade Your Family Time

We sure hope you like your family because living in the Boise and Treasure Valley area is going to provide you with a lot more family time and family adventure opportunities. One of the first things people notice, especially if they’re from California or Washington, is that their commute time is significantly reduced.  This means less time on the road and more time enjoying life. The area is loaded with activities and value for people of all ages and interests; from convenient access to plenty of open spaces to indoor rock climbing or ice skating. Whatever your interests you’ll find it in the valley, and as already mentioned, you won’t have to navigate through hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic to get there!

Upgrade Your Work

Upgrade Your Career

With few exceptions, Boise and the Treasure Valley area boasts a diverse and evolving economic landscape providing opportunities and value for everyone. The region is becoming a popular destination for start-ups thanks to a growing pool of young talent and experienced entrepreneurs, low business taxes, lack of stifling regulations, and inexpensive commercial real estate. Of course, high-tech and innovative businesses coming to the region isn’t a new development, they’re simply building on a well-laid foundation paved by companies such as Micron, HP, Simplot, IBM, and a number of other well recognized corporate brands.

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Upgrade Your Education

There is simply no denying the fact that Boise State University is the most visible higher education institution in the valley. With their 23,000+ students and over 190 fields of study ranging from undergraduate programs to post-graduate programs it’s easy to see why.  But, Boise State isn’t the only institution carving out an amazing reputation for itself. Throughout the Treasure Valley, you’ll find colleges and universities offering value and setting themselves apart.  For example, College of Idaho located in Caldwell, one of the top 50 Small Colleges in the US, or Northwest Nazarene University, one of the top Christian universities in the Northwest. The area isn’t limited to the colleges and universities mentioned here; there are simply too many great institutions to mention so we just listed the largest or most recognizable.

Northwest Nazarene University

Upgrade Your Recreation

If your idea of recreation requires you to be outside, then Idaho will exceed your expectations. Surrounding the valley is hundreds of miles of public lands; from forest to high-desert, and hills to mountains, calm streams teeming with trout to varied ranges of whitewater waiting for a kayak or raft. Whether you love camping in remote areas or enjoy the amenities of well-stocked campgrounds; Idaho has it. Idaho is known for fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, mountain biking, dirt biking, off-road overlanding and so much more. We value the outdoors so much its part of our DNA.  You’ll occasionally see men in business suits putting a fishing line into the Boise River during a lunch break or fishing reels changing hands at church… Yep, we take our outdoor playtime seriously…

Mountain Biking in Boise

Upgrade Your Point-of-View

Fishing on Payette River
Baybrook Court Pedestrian Bridge

We’re not going to tell you that living in Idaho will restore your hope in humanity or that living in the Treasure Valley is the next best alternative to heaven.  And we would never suggest that you’ll be taller, skinnier, or more athletic living here… But, our marketing company, in their over-excitement in describing life in Idaho, might go rogue and try to sneak those sentences into our copy points.
The fact is that life in Idaho is an upgrade from most places folks are moving here from.  Reasonably priced homes, the cost of living relatively affordable, violent crime is nearly nonexistent all make Boise the best value in Idaho.  You may want to note that people here still make eye contact with you and smile when saying, “Hello”, too.  So, across a number of important lifestyle factors, you’ll find that life in Boise and elsewhere in the Treasure Valley exceed expectations, hence an upgrade.
And the evidence is in the fact that Idaho is the fastest growing state in the nation.  It’s attracting individuals and families from all over the country and attracting new and expanding businesses.  Boise is simply a fantastic place to call home.

You’ll find folks from the Midwest moving here for a more diverse environment and people from places like Arizona so they can enjoy the outdoors in the summertime.  Folks from Seattle are seeking seasons and sunshine, and people from California are just trying to escape while they still can.
There’s just something special about being able to enjoy a steak at Chandlers Steakhouse in Boise with friends and family on a Friday evening, getting lost in an Idaho forest on a Saturday, to fighting to stay in the raft while rafting the Payette River on Sunday. It won’t take long to realize why the best value in Idaho is Boise, why people are moving here, why animals are moving here (wolves, bears, and moose populations are growing on the Northeast parts of Idaho), and rumor has it, even Sasquatch has escaped to Idaho thanks to low taxes and pristine waterways.

Upgrade on Life; Move to Boise.

Welcome to Boise